Brochures and magazines

Sales brochures

Even in this age of electronic media, printed sales material such as brochures and leaflets still have an important role to play in your marketing mix. A well written, well designed brochure creates an impression of your company that a tablet or smart phone simply cannot deliver. Similarly, for some businesses, promotional leaflets can target customers directly and generate business.

As with all media everything you produce must reflect the values and quality of your brand, so getting it right is vitally important. We can help you create stunning sales material that will impress your clients and win you business.

Magazines: printed and online

Publishing a magazine for your business or membership organisation is a great way of keeping in touch and adding value to your offer. We have over 20 years’ experience in magazine production and can handle everything from writing stories and sourcing pictures to graphic design, printing and organising its distribution. And if you want your magazine published online, we can help you do that too.

Copywriting: how it works
By Steve Jordan, Managing Director

Some say (sorry, didn’t mean to sound like Clarkson) that brochures and magazines have had their day.  I disagree.  Yes, of course you can get all the information you need on your tablet or smart phone, but it’s not quite the same is it?

Imagine walking into the Alfa Romeo showroom and being offered a website to look at instead of the glossy brochure with the gleaming Alfa-red object of your desire seducing you on the cover.  Unthinkable!  No reason not to have the website too of course.

Brochures take time.  Because information is available freely online, brochures need to be special.  They need to be coveted items in themselves.  They need to be beautiful and so the words need to be equally elegant.  So we’ll have to spend some time with you.  We’ll interview you, your staff, maybe even some of your suppliers to make sure we understand the key messages, the culture and style of the business, and the target audience.  It’s not a quick job.  But, for some companies, I think it’s worth it. For brochures, ‘all right’ is not good enough.  Perfection is.

Magazines and company newspapers, by contrast, are much more ephemeral: today’s news, tomorrow’s chip paper.  That is, until something appears in one that you don’t like, then it’s a disaster.  Then it’s considered to be in print, forever, haunting you.  You can’t have it both ways.

Writing a magazine is a production line; schedules have to be kept, deadlines are sacrosanct. At The Words Workshop, it’s our speciality.  We like writing magazines.  They allow a little flair, some spontaneity, even a bit of a sideways glance at the world – all within the editorial guidelines of course.  

If you want us to write your company magazine we will be entering into a long-term relationship in which we will know your business, its staff and its customers in so much detail that you will start learning things from us, not the other way around.  We can’t do that quickly, but we have enough experience to start the process off successfully and allow the relationship to grow over time.    

Exciting isn’t it!

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